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2017 Motown H.O.G. Road Captains:

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Safe Rider Skills Program

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Ride safe and you live to ride another day. Keep these tips in mind for your safety:

  • Always were a helmet even if you’re just going around the block.
  • Never cross railroad tracks on an angle, hit them straight on, if possible.  Something that few of us realize is never to follow a semi trailer always follow directly behind their wheels  The reason is:  if they straddle a dead animal or block in the road you will not have enough reaction time to change directions.   If you are following directly “centered” behind them.   It is also a good practice to do the same with cars.   Always expect a car, truck, van etc, to pull out in front of you, always believe they do not see you even if they are looking directly in your eyes!
  • Car phones: if you see someone talking on the car phone, be afraid.  He is your enemy, he is NOT paying attention to you or the road, and this causes as many accidents as drunk drivers.
  • One simple rule has been eliminating the blind spot to zero,  knowing who is around you without having to turn your head is one way to stay alive.
  • Always wear gloves.  In the summertime, as least wear fingerless gloves.  If you do go down, your hands will take most of the impact.  We are talking serious road rash here.
  • Check tire pressure often, tire pressure is more important than in a car.
  • Stay focused:  this is not a time or place to worry about your dead end job, your receding hairline, or is my hair and makeup done correctly.  Relax, take in the sights, sounds,  and smells.
  • Always wear eye protection, the smallest bug in the eye at 55 MPH feels like a small bullet.  We don’t even want to talk about the bigger bugs.
  • If it’s early morning or late evening and the sun is positioned so you can see your own shadow in front of you that means your  invisible to oncoming traffic.  Think about this, this happens often.
  • Don’t allow yourself to get cold on the bike as hypothermia can impair your judgment and ability as much as alcohol or drugs.  In hot weather stay hydrated you desiccate quickly on a motorcycle.  Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Always complete your breaking before you enter a curve.  Example:  on approaching a curve do all your braking before you start to lean into the curve.  In the curve you have a choice of coasting or accelerating thru it.
  • Before every ride, make sure you conduct a thorough T-CLOCS Inspection on your bike. See below for a complete description of this important checklist.

At the end of our Wounded America Ride in 2014, motorcyclists got to ride the race track at Michigan International Speedway. This was our Road Captains on their final lap. The video was recorded by K. Johnson from the back of the pace truck:


T-CLOCS is a pre-ride inspection that should be done each time and before you get on your bike and go.  A thorough T-CLOCS before a long trip should take you 4 to 6 hours and begin at least 3 weeks before the trip. Why? Because parts are on back order. You want to make sure they fit and work as you ride around town before the trip. Why 4 to 6 hours?  No one said that you have to do this all in one sitting!  Take your time and do a complete inspection. Also, this makes a great checklist if you are buying a used bike.

Do this every time before you get on…

Start your bike and let it idle. Turn the 4-ways on. Walk around the bike and look at the rear tire. Look at the rear lamps. Squeeze the front break lever to check the brake light. Press on the rear brake pedal to check the brake light. Check the passing spots. Flip from high beam to low. Then sound the horn. Yes, each time you get on your bike you should do this. How long did this take?  Less than one minute. Meanwhile, your bike was warming up.

Be sure to download the T-CLOCS Inspection Checklist now and get in the habit of doing a thorough check before every ride.

Brush up on your hand signals:
Hand Signals