Volunteer Points



You can volunteer as much or as little as you wish. However, in order to earn an invitation to our Volunteer Party, we require that you earn a minimum of 5 points by volunteering at different events throughout the year. Generally, a minimum of 4 hours will be expected of you to stay during a volunteer session.
**Volunteer Points cannot accrue until your Membership Dues have been paid.
All approved events will be eligible for receiving volunteer points. These include but are not limited to chapter rides, certain events and parties, as well as any Biker Bob’s event-requested support. There will be ample opportunity to earn points throughout the year for different events. If you are willing to help out, contact Kris Zilka, our Activities Officer and volunteer coordinator. 
Examples of earning volunteer points:
  • Points received for being a board member for 1 year: 5
  • All Road Captains who complete their required obligations for the year = 5
  • Helping at Ride for a Reason = 1 point
  • Road clean-up the day before = 1 point
  • Approved volunteering for any chapter ride or event = 1 point
  • Approved volunteering at a Biker Bob’s event = 1 point
  • Any additional points will be reviewed and approved first by the Biker Bob’s General Manager
The gathering and recording of all points will be the responsibility of each event coordinator, or the individual(s) in charge of an event that requires volunteers. When you volunteer, you will be asked to sign in upon arriving at the event, and sign out or report to the coordinator when leaving. Our chapter requires written documented evidence of every event involving volunteers so we can accurately record all points. The event coordinator will also be responsible for turning in any list of volunteers to our Chapter Secretary as an official record.
Each month before our general membership meeting, we publish the most recent Volunteer Points Roster on our website so you can keep track of your progress. If you do not see the event listed, then it should be included with the next version when all points have been accounted and officially recorded.
If you have an issue with a missing point, we ask that you please contact that event coordinator first who can validate you were present and resolve the discrepancy. The date of the most recent version will be shown in the upper left hand corner of the roster.

To volunteer for an event, please first check the event details on the calendar to see if there is a specific contact for the event, or you can email Kristine Zilka for information.
It will be YOUR responsibility to make sure you have signed any Volunteer Sign-In Sheet for an event in order to receive proper credit. Please check the roster periodically so you can track your progress. Failing to sign in for an event or having any discrepancies resolved by the next chapter meeting will result in the forfeiture of points. 
The most recent Volunteer Roster is published below so you can track your progress. Please review it for accuracy and contact the event coordinator or Kris Zilka immediately if any points are missing. Please contact Buck or Larry about Road Captain points as they are not included on this roster.