Chapter History


Here’s some history about our chapter…

On April 11, 1998, Motown held it’s first chapter meeting at the dealership in the back lot, which was attended by approximately 15 members. The back lot wasn’t as it is today, the parking lot was unpaved or gated. At that time, the dealership said there were plans to completely gate and pave the back field in the future. There was a shed located about 50 feet west of the warehouse and this is where the meetings took place. Bob Szwed was Director and Carl Berry was the dealership manager. Dues back then were $12. They had a full calendar of events including the 95th Anniversary Celebration of Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee, the MI HOG Rendezvous in West Branch, and a ride to Sturgis to name just a few.  At the May 7th, 1998, meeting, it was announced that future chapter meetings would be held at the American Legion Hall on Brest Road on Monday evenings. The July 1998 newsletter stated they had over 700 members! The November 9th meeting was attended by over 100 members.


The year 1999 had several LONG rides. The June ride was lead by Fred DuPont with a destination of Niagara Falls. This ride went through Canada meeting up with other riders from Thunder Road. The July ride went to the HOG Rendezvous in West Branch. The August ride went to Lake Odessa, Michigan. The Chapter had dinner rides on Thursday’s through the summer with many destinations including Baldo’s, Waltz Inn, and the Pickel Barrel. Michael Dupont passed away September 26, 1999. Membership was around 500 by the end of the year. This was the first year the Chapter participated in the Vet’s Dinner at the American Legion Hall.

The chapter officers were as follows:

  • Director:                         Bob Szwed
  • Assistant Director:     Barb Childress
  • Secretary:                      Nadine Bushroe
  • Treasurer:                      Dana Morris
  • Activities:                      Fred Dupont
  • Senior Road Capt.:      Don Lee


More history coming soon…