Calendar Subscribe Help

iCal Subscribe Instructions

Our Calendar Feed is continuously synced with the most up-to-date events and meetings, keeping our members informed of the latest additions and updates.

If you have an Android phone, please follow these directions:

By default, Android OS does not synchronize with ICal.  However, there is a free app on the Google Play store that lets you connect to iCal feeds on Android phones.

This first method has worked in the past, but no longer works for every Android, Samsung, LG or HTC phones. If this does not work for you, try the 2nd method below:

  1. Download the iCalSync application from here:
  2. Run ICalSync app on your phone and it should give you an option to “Go to Sync Accounts”
  3. Click on “Add account” from the bottom right.
  4. Select ICalSync.
  5. Enter a Name, such as Motown HOG. In “choose URL” copy & paste the URL below:
  6. Paste this link:,6,54,8,10,9
  7. Set synchronize time to 1 hour and save it.
  8. You will now see all our events appear directly in your mobile’s native calendar.

Here’s a 2nd method to sync our calendar to an Android phone:

Read the step by step instructions for an alternative method below…

How To Import iCal on a Desktop Computer:

Select the “Subscribe to iCal Feed” at the bottom of the calendar and copy the webcal:// address as follows:

  • MS Outlook: Select “Tools”, then “Account Settings”.  Then select the tab “Internet Calendars”, then “New”.  Then just paste the copied iCal URL into the box.
  • Google Calendar: Under “Other Calendars”, select “Add”, then “Add by URL”.  Then just paste the copied iCal URL into the box. Go back to “other calendars” on the lower left and select settings. Click on the calendar which starts with “webcal://…” rename it to something friendly like Motown HOG.
  • Import to iPhone: Select “Settings”, then “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”, then “Add Account”, then “Other”, then “Add Subscribed Calendar”.  When it asks for “Server”, paste the iCal URL.  It will search/validate the URL. Then it will give a default “Description” name, you can change this to whatever name makes sense to you.  Leave “Username” and “Password” blank. Use SSL “Off” and Remove Alarms “Off”.
  • Blackberry:  NOTE:  You must already have a google email account (sign up at You will also need to install google sync on a blackberry.  Follow the directions for importing iCal to Google Calendar above.  Install google sync on your blackberry by browsing to on your blackberry browser. Once installed, the google sync setup will ask for your gmail account name and password. You will also have to scroll down to the bottom of the google sync options screen on the blackberry and make sure the Chelsea hockey calendar you added to your gmail account is selected on the blackberry.