We honor and remember the passing of our fellow riders.

May the road rise up to meet you, may the wind be ever at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face and the rain fall softly on your fields. And until we meet again, may God hold you in the hollow of his hand. We know you’re riding with Heaven’s Chapter now. 


          • Edward “Pops Jr” Keith

            07/10/31- 08/26/17

          • Mike Finley

            03/13/47- 03/20/17

Mike was a Life Member of H.O.G. He was a former Assistant Director and Road Captain for the Motown H.O.G. chapter. He was an avid sportsman, a certified Hunter Safety Instructor, and had a passion for classic cars.

          • Jim Kudron

            02/21/56 – 02/21/16

  • John ‘Santa’ Neifert

    03/26/48 – 10/27/14

  • Marilyn Shingleton

    12/4/37 – 3/21/14

  • Phillip Page

    10/16/60 – 11/5/13

  • Ben Manning

    7/15/52 – 10/18/13

  • Floyd Wayne Owens

    5/28/49 – 9/7/12

    Wayne Ownes

    Wayne was a long-time member and Road Captain. He was very active in our chapter and he will certainly be missed by many. He is survived by his wife Char, several children and many grandchildren.

  • Fred “Fredrock” Dupont

    7/26/43 – 8/2/10

    Fred Dupont

    Fred was extremly active in our Chapter. He was a Charter Member and served on the Board from the very begining in positions including Activities Officer, Asst. Director, Director, and Membership Officer. Fred was always there to lend his hand. He will be missed.

  • Beverly Gill

    1/18/1947 – 11/12/2009

    Beverly Gill

    Beverly was very active in the chapter, past L.O.H Officer, past Director.
    She will be missed by all who knew her. Rest in peace.

  • Nancy Sharky

    10/10/54 – 11/20/08

    Nancy Sharky

    Member of Motown HOG.

  • “Big” Tom W. Wolfe

    Dec. 28, 1974 – Feb. 8, 2008

    Motown Hog Member and Road Captain Past Membership Officer “Member of the Year” 2007 Beloved husband of Trisha Wolfe He will be missed by all who knew him. His heart was as “Big” as he was. Pneumonia took him from us too soon.

  • David Love


    Motown HOG Member
    Member of Rolling Thunder Michigan.

  • Mark Prieto

    June24, 1957 – July 30, 2007

    Motown HOG Member
    Mark was lost unexpectedly by a brain aneurism.

  • “Gator” Wally Young

    3/29/1965 – 2/14/2006

    Wally Gator Young

    Motown HOG Member
    Dedicated Road Captain
    Friend to all, devoted son.
    The world is a better place having him in it.
    He is sorely missed.

  • “Bobbie” Barbara Saville

    6/30/1938 – 10/7/2005

    Bobbie Saville

    Motown HOG Member
    Motown LOH Member
    Wife of Carl Saville
    Very active in our chapter and will be missed.

  • Roger Jachim

    10/25/1940 – 11/11/2005

    Roger Jachim

  • Mike Stremmel

     Member of Motown HOG.


  • Brotha Bill Burdick

    10/24/1939 – 6/6/2005

    Bill Burdick

    Bill rode with his friends, and he had a lot of them from a lot of clubs and organizations. He will be missed by all who knew him.

  • Ron Zengota

    6/27/1935 – 8/14/2004

    Ronald Zengota

    Member of Motown & MotorCity HOG
    Ron passed away quietly at home.

  • Mark A. Lawson

    3/25/1953 – 5/17/2004

    Mark Lawson

    Motown HOG Member and Road Captain
    Lost as a result of a tragic motorcycle crash.

  • “Barb” Barbara Mitchell

    9/23/1948 – 2/21/2004

    Barbara Mitchell

    Assistant Director for Motown HOG and member of the Irish Hills HOG Chapter.

  • “Big Daddy” Jerry M. Umbarger

    1/23/1953 – 10/13/2003

    Jerry Umbarger

    Member of Motown & MotorCity HOG
    Lost as result of a stupid driver!


  • John White

    2/25/1946 – 3/27/2003

    John White

    Member of Motown HOG.


  • Marion Szwed

    5/10/1944 – 11/22/2002
    Marion Szwed
    Motown HOG Member
    Motown chapters first Secretary
    Motown chapters first LOH Director.


  • “Flip” Lynn Phillips

    11/10/1953 – 11/12/2002
    Lynn Phillips
    Member of Motown HOG.


  • Don Louzon Jr

    4/13/1952 – 7/13/2002
    Don Louzon
    Member of Motown HOG.

  • John Crahan

    6/22/1937 – 5/19/2002
    John Crahan
    Member of Motown HOG.


  • Bryant Anderson

    1/9/1950 – 4/29/2001

    Bryant Anderson

    Bryant Anderson
    Member of Motown HOG.


  • Kenny Mulholland

    8/28/1956 – 3/10/2001
    Member of Motown HOG.


  • “MO” Al Molaski

    4/17/1949 – 6/28/2000
    Al Molaski

    Member of Motown HOG.



        • Mike Dupont

          4/9/1967 – 9/26/1999
          Mike Dupont
          Member of Motown HOG.